Katherine Eckfeldt Paintings & Jewelry Welcomes You

One-of-a-Kind Original Handmade Art & Jewelry by the Artists

Carrying on the tradition of family fine artists Samuel F. DuBois (early 1800's portrait artist), Katherine's father & Brian's grandfather Edgar L. Eckfeldt (Portraits, Sculptures, Landscape paintings), Katherine Lynn Eckfeldt (Paintings, Jewelry) and son, Brian R. Eckfeldt (Acrylic Abstract Paintings) have been showing artwork for sale at art & craft festivals since summer of 2017.


Finding Ring Size

Using Only a Small Piece of Paper, Pencil, & Ruler:

To get your ring size, cut out a small approximately 3" x 3/8" narrow strip of paper and wrap it around your finger that you want to wear a ring. Taking into account allowance for your knuckle bones under your skin, make a pencil mark where one cut end overlaps the other when circle wrapped. The ring should be snug, but you should be able to get it on & off. Measure the marked paper with a ruler to find your ring size & write this on the paper strip. Please notice on my ring descriptions, the inner circumference measurement for each ring size in inches. Find yours & you're set!