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Blue Quartz + Aventurine Gemstones 20-1/2" Necklace

Blue Quartz + Aventurine Gemstones 20-1/2" Necklace


Sky Blue Quartz Gemstones 10 mm + 6 mm rounds + Dark Blue Aventurine Gemstones 6 mm rounds with antique gold plated; loops, 5 mm round sculpted spacer findings, lobster clasp finding 20-1/2" length Necklace.

SKU: pg 12
  • Condition Antique Gold metal with petroleum jelly.

  • Healing Property of Gemstones Ancient Beliefs

    Quartz: Quartz trigonal crystal is a transparent to translucent mineral

    that has a silicon-oxygen framework. Each oxygen is shared between

    two tetrahedra silicon atoms. It is the second most abundant mineral in earth’s continental crust, second to feldspar. Varieties are clear, a

    purple Amethyst, Citrine yellow. Red “cherry,” pink “rose,” white, or

    blue Quartz crystal gemstones encourage feelings of love. Quartz

    alleviates toxic emotions and may foster feelings of compassion,

    happiness, forgiveness and peace. Wearing it allows your spirit to

    release negativity, to get free of unwanted feelings that bring you

    down. It has been called the master healer to alleviate physical and

    emotional ailments or conditions. It clarifies scatterbrain ideas.

    Aventurine: Energy of the shimmering crystal is on the side of luck

    and conducive to the power of plenty. It has been called the gambler’s stone, but helps everyone. The gamble may be more of a fork in the

    road of life at a time when decision goes toward what is sound and

    secure, rather than unsettled in a game or risk. Aventurine energizes

    the spirit with a sense of confidence. This excitement engenders an

    optimistic outlook upon leaving one’s comfort zone to experience


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