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Carrying on the tradition of United States of America Mint Family ancestors & artists, Samuel F. DuBois (early 1800's USA government portrait artist), Katherine L. Eckfeldt's father Edgar L. Eckfeldt (Portraits, Sculpture, Landscape paintings): Katherine Lynn Eckfeldt (Paintings, Jewelry, crafts) and son, Brian R. Eckfeldt (Acrylic Abstract Paintings) have been showing artwork for sale at art & craft festivals since summer of 2017.


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Due to the unfortunate COVID-19 Pandemic, there will be no indoor sales or indoor transactions until further notice. Artwork may be purchased through our website using Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover Credit Cards or PayPal. Jewelry, eligible paintings without glass, and fabric craft items SHIP FREE to your address when your credit card clears. ALL FRAMED LARGE PAINTINGS or ANY PAINTINGS FRAMED WITH GLASS must be picked up by curbside pickup only. Please use the map below and picture of the house for our location to pick up your artwork with required masks. A mask is available to use and keep if you have none. Cash may be used for purchase or the SQUARE can take your credit card for purchase of selected artwork or additional artwork at curbside, if you prefer. Artwork purchased through our website can be stored here safely until you are able to pick up your purchases with a valid printout for receipt and your photo ID.


Finding Ring Size

Using Only a Small Piece of Paper, Pencil, & Ruler:

To get your ring size, cut out a small approximately 3" x 3/8" narrow strip of paper and wrap it around your finger that you want to wear a ring. Taking into account allowance for your knuckle bones under your skin, make a pencil mark where one cut end overlaps the other when circle wrapped. The ring should be snug, but you should be able to get it on & off. Measure the marked paper with a ruler to find your ring size & write this on the paper strip. Please notice on my ring descriptions, the inner circumference measurement for each ring size in inches. Find yours & you're set!


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